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2013 Skin Care Resolutions

Glo Therapeutics offers some simple New Years Resolutions
that you can (and will want to) stick to!

1. I will remove my make up every night.  –
TRY: glo minerals Make-up Remover

2. I will wear broad-spectrum SPF every day – Exposure to ultraviolet light from sunlight accounts
for 90% of the symptoms of premature skin aging such as wrinkles and skin cancers –
TRY: glo therapeutics Oil Free SPF 40+

3. I will exfoliate on a regular basis  – Proper exfoliation removes dead skin cells that clog the
skin and uncovers the fresh new cells below –
TRY: glo therapeutics Brightening Polish

4. I will protect my delicate eye area – Products designed for the eye area keep the delicate skin there
hydrated and help to prevent dark circles –
TRY: glo therapeutics Vital Eye Cream, Eye Restore or Eye Fix.

5. I will hydrate my skin at night – During the evening, the skin goes through a natural regeneration process.
Replenishment and nourishment are key to nightly skin rejuvenation –
TRY: glo therapeutics Moisture Rich or Conditioning Hydration Cream