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5 Surprising Things You Absolutely Have to Know About CoolSculpting

If you follow a regular diet and exercise plan, you may be frustrated if you can’t seem to get rid of fat in those pesky problem areas. No matter how hard you try, every effort doesn’t seem to be enough.

Coolsculpting is a new procedure approved by the FDA to help freeze fat cells and get rid of them. It’s non-surgical, and it may be the help you’ve been hoping for to get the shape you want.

Take a look below at these 5 things you absolutely have to know about coolsculpting.

1. It Removes Fat Cells

It seems like coolsculpting is shrinking your fat cells. Yet if you look at the science behind it, it actually eliminates them. After the tools freeze your fat cells, your body gets rid of them through regular excretion.

The process can work for body fat, like upper arms, inner thighs, outer thighs, waist, bottom, and abdomen. It’s also good for around the face, like under the chin.

When your body gets fatter, you haven’t collected more fat cells. Your existing fat cells have simply expanded. This process removes them, so you no longer have to worry about achieving the shape you want.

2. Coolsculpting Is for Anyone

If you can pinch some fat on your body, you’re a candidate for the treatment. An inch or more means coolsculpting is ideal for you. The process isn’t for visceral fat or fat that’s inside your abdomen and organs.

Rather, subcutaneous fat, or fat under your skin, is the fat that coolsculpting targets. Anyone with this type of fat can benefit from the procedure.

Certain medical conditions may disqualify you, like an open hernia. Learn more here or schedule a consultation to find out for sure if you’re a good candidate.

3. It’s More Cost-Effective

Before coolsculpting, the best option for fat removal was liposuction. It’s a surgery that involves sucking out the fat cells. You might also have heard it called body contouring or lipoplasty.

Either way, it’s more expensive than coolsculpting and more invasive. After coolsculpting, you can return to work right away and you don’t have any restrictions. It’s not a surgical procedure, so you have more freedom than with other fat removal methods.

4. It’s Not As Cold As You Think

The process of coolsculpting involves freezing the fat away, so it must mean a very cold procedure, right? Wrong! You’ll feel intense cold during the first few minutes, but after that, you’ll be able to relax.

Each treatment is different, and the length of time varies. During your treatment, you’ll be able to work on your laptop, read, watch TV, or even nap. As the fat cells freeze, they crystallize and die, and your body naturally gets rid of them.

5. Results Aren’t Immediate

Because your body is naturally eliminating the crystallized fat cells, it doesn’t happen overnight. You’ll notice results from your session beginning about a month afterward, and full results after around 3 months. Many people benefit from returning for more sessions later.

Get the Body Shape You Want

These 5 little-known facts about coolsculpting are just the beginning. This new method helps your body naturally eliminate the fat cells that are hanging on in those pesky areas.

A few sessions of coolsculpting could be the answer for you if regular diet and exercise aren’t enough.

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