If you are Living with Embarrassing Acne Scars?Acne Scarring does not have to be a lifelong problem.
Have Healthy, Smooth, Glowing Skin Again!
Immediately Reduce and Erase Acne Scars
Smooth, Resurfaced Skin Texture
Reduce Redness and Pitting
Continued Improvement over Time

The ec02 fractional laser offers hope for sufferers of acne scarring.  Fractional technology is the newest technology in the reduction of acne scars.  Acne scarring does not have to be a lifelong problem. There is an opportunity to have healthy, smooth, glowing skin.The ec02 fractional laser for acne scars actually resurfaces the skin, dramatically improving it’s texture and appearance immediatly reducing and smoothing acne scars and pitting.

How does it work?
The ec02 fractional laser emits high pulses of targeted light, delivering microscopic columns to the damaged cells in the dermis that have been caused over time by acne.  The laser peels away fractionated pieces of the top layer of skin causing new skin growth to occur.  The laser also stimulates new collagen to grow over time helping to fill in the scars and give your skin that smooth, healthy look.

How many treatments does it take?
Each patient is different, and it may take several treatments over a period of time to reduce the appearance of the scars.  However, most patients see an immediate reduction of their scars in one treatment.