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Advances in the treatment of Rosacea

For those of us with Rosacea, maintaining the effectiveness of treatments is often very challenging. The redness and acne of Rosacea can leave us feeling very self-conscious and as a result, expecting immediate gratification from products and services.
Though there is a multitude of options available these days, a single line of treatment rarely works consistently and often a multi-faceted, therapeutic approach is the best plan. As rosacea is partly vascular, lasers and light therapies can be a huge help in reducing or eliminating the little blood vessel. Couple that with a good skincare regimen for reducing inflammation and the ‘acne’ type activity and many clients are experiencing great results.  IPL, Intense Pulsed Light, can be used to treat blood vessels and pigmentation to really help rejuvenate the skin. Many patients find that though the primary redness and acne activity is managed, they are left with dark spots. Again, the IPL is a great option for them. Here at Glo Med Spa we favor the Lumenis IPL System.

Aside from medical procedures, skincare, make-up and even diet can all play a part in calming and managing the redness associated with rosacea. No one product or service will cure-all, it’s often a harmonizing of in-office and at-home regimens that keep the ‘flushing’ at bay! Most professional lines carry a redness reducer or the like, we at Glo recommend Peche by Neocutis, Redness Neutralizer by SkinCeuticauls or Pro-Heal by IS Clinical.  Overall, compliance and adherence to a good program are key to improvement.

Example Rosacea Skin Care Routine

Cleanse: It’s a common misconception that the blemishes associated with rosacea should be treated like acne. In fact, such harsh scrubs and alcohol based products can irritate and compromise the skin leaving it dry and more inflamed. Gentle cleansers and mild gels are a much more suitable option. Try NeoCutis Gentle Cleanser for Intolerant Skin, Glo Theraputics Hydrating Cleanser or IS Clinical Cleansing Complex, a gel based cleanser thats wonderful for both rosacea and acne and has a mild exfoliating property to boot.

Exfoliate: Possibly the best method of dead skin removal for the rosacea client is the Clarisonic.
A very gentle, yet powerful cleansing tool that can dramatically change the tone of rosacea in a little as 8 weeks – see right. We love it!

Moisturize: Rosacea clients needs hydration and calming barrier repair. Often times ‘oil free’ products make the client feel more comfortable, we look for products containing hyaluronic acid, glycerin, silicone and jojoba oil. Medications are usually applied first with moisturizers over the top.

Protect: Sun exposure alone can cause rosacea flare ups, couple that with increased sensitivity from some medications. Many Sunscreens contain oil, therefore look for oil free or to be primarily Zinc Oxide or titanium Oxide.

For a more bespoke routine, call us! Consultations are always complimentary.