Whether it’s a new white hair or a brand-new wrinkle, the earliest signs of aging have a major impact on our self-confidence. As women, and sometimes men, we tend to get far too close to the mirror and spend way to much time analyzing our faces rather than enjoying our beauty. There comes a time when we look back and think, “Wow, I really didn’t look that bad, back then…” Now is the time to master the art of maintaining a youthful look that complements your age. As teenagers, women wear makeup to discover their womanhood. In the mid to late 20’s the look is more about romance and appealing to the opposite sex. More a matter of correction and restoration, women over 30 have every good reason to start tweaking their make-up routine. After the 20’s, make up is less about fun experimentation such as those flaming red club lips, thick black eyes and sparkling cheeks. As we enter our 30’s something shifts and women now choose make-up as a way to help them look younger. If you haven’t changed your routine in the last 10 years..now is the time to do it.Foundation and Concealer:DIY20GM-ad20brunette20flyer2-
~Heavy foundation, thick smokey eyes and chunky mascara, intentionally ages us, hence why it’s the make-up of choice for pageants and teenagers. Ironically, adding youth means taking away the make-up we clung too as youngsters and heading for a more sheer look with a light touch. Powder is fine but not too much,! Over applying the ‘poof’ gives excess product nowhere to go other than settling in lines, highlighting those wrinkles we are trying to minimize and leaving a mask like appearance.  A light application of a Mineral make-up, such as gloMinerals, with a finishing spritz of a hydrator, leaves a soft dewy finish that gets better throughout the day.
~Using a light tough, applying a creamy formulas that moisturizes lends a softer look for those 35 and over, but avoid anything with shimmer! Those illuminating particles can light up every pore and wrinkle like a Christmas tree.
~When concealing, try a spot concealing over a sheer, tinted moisturizer.

Eyeshadow and liner
~When eyelids become less taut, usually around age 40, it’s time to graduate from the glitter which can settle in the lids exaggerating crepiness. Matte shadows are much more flattering, choose peach, gray, taupe or lavender which work on all skin tones.
~ Dark liner is best reserved in a thin line along the top and outer corner only, under eye liner can give the appearance of a dropping eye.

Lips and Liner
~Because lips naturally lose fullness over time, the last thing we want to do is shrink them. Dark colors make an area look small, whether that be on your walls, your floor or your lips!  Choose light, honey and peach colored gloss balms to maintain a juicy, youthfulness.
~ Just like perms in the 80’s, every trend has to come to an end. Liner that is 2 shades darker than your lip color is history. Choose a liner that compliments your color, as close to the shade you choose as possible, using a brush to blend the liner into the fullest part of the lips.

If you are ready for a make-up change or unsure of how to update your look, call us for a complimentary consultation and color match! We have Aestheticians and Make-up artists on staff to assist you in finding your most youthful look!.