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Are you applying your eye cream wrong?

Eye cream: It’s the one thing you should apply religiously (that is, next to sunscreen) but probably aren’t. Even if you are not skipping out on this simple solution to banishing dark circles, fine lines and puffiness, you may be applying it wrong.

With the concentrated amounts active ingredients, those tiny jars and tubes can be pricey! Check out these simple steps to getting more bang for your eye cream buck and improve your eye area in the effective way possible. First, look for a formula that contains ingredients proven to increase moisture (glycerin and vitamin B3), produce collagen (vitamin C), renew cells and reduce appearance of wrinkles (vitamin A). A pea-sized amount is all you’ll need for both eyes, and you’ll want to apply both day and night before putting on your moisturizer.
Now on to the actual application process. Use your ringer finger to gently tap on eye cream on along the orbital bone, working upwards to underneath the brows. Avoid the eyelid area as the skin there may become irritated. Then count down 90 seconds before reaching for your tinted moisturizer or concealer, as you want to avoid a cakey finish.

Not sure which eye product is best for you?

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