No matter how careful a patient is, the skin takes a beating over time, and this wear and tear can lead to unwelcome blemishes, discolorations, and textures. Luckily, modern cosmetic treatments can diminish these features, helping patients regain control over their skin.

What is Microneedling

A newer technique for noninvasive cosmetic procedures, microneedling is a painless method that utilizes tiny needles across the entire treatment area. These needles create microscopic wounds that cause minimal skin damage. Rather, these tiny holes stimulate your skin’s healing abilities, allowing it to produce the necessary components for strong skin more quickly.

The solutions used in microneedling rely on hyaluronic acid for collagen and elastin improvement. With multiple treatments, production will continue to build, ultimately resulting in a long-lasting, dramatic revitalized look.

Top 5 Microneedling Benefits

Long-lasting Results that Build

Microneedling results are not permanent with a one-time treatment. However, continued microneedling appointments focused on one treatment area can increase the livelihood of your results and ensure an effortless youthful glow. Under the guidance of Glo MedSpa, patients will notice results that are not only maintained but improved with each microneedling session.

Diminishes Visible Skin Imperfections

There are a multitude of skin imperfections and unwanted textures that patients struggle to treat alone—large pores, acne scars, lines, and wrinkles are among the top concerns. Fortunately, microneedling can address a large variety of these blemishes by improving your overall skin immunity and collagen production. With strengthened skin, signs of aging and developing acne are stunted, patients who continually utilize microneedling can prevent further blemishes from developing altogether.

Customizable Treatments

Along with providing remarkable results unlike any other noninvasive method, microneedling treatments are uniquely customizable to each patient. Treatment areas, goals, and number of sessions vary between the patients and the severity of their concerns. To understand which customizable option is best suited to your needs, be sure you understand your goals and concerns when scheduling your initial appointments.

Continued Skin Strengthening

With the utilization of the microneedling technique, this procedure option not only improves your appearance but simultaneously trains your skin to become firmer. By creating microscopic wounds across the entire treatment area, your skin is coached to rejuvenate stronger than before. As your system quickly moves to repair the apparent damage, an increase in circulation makes for effortless healthier skin. Over time, the continued exposure to micro-wounds will result in stronger, more durable skin that preserves its vibrancy on its own.

Reduced Hyperpigmentation

Discoloration is a common occurrence caused both by aging and excessive ultraviolet ray exposure. Over time, prolonged sun exposure or genetic predisposition will develop into apparent sunspots, redness, or another form of hyperpigmentation. With the help of increased collagen production provided by microneedling, patients undergoing treatments will notice a visible improvement in their skin tone. As a bonus result, their evenly toned skin will also provide microneedling patients with a more youthful result overall.

Where to Seek Professional Microneedling

Patients located in Wilmington, NC, or surrounding areas rely on Glo MedSpa to enhance their appearance and provide trustworthy, lasting results. Our reputable staff are dedicated to providing top-notch care to each and every patient. To see the Glo MedSpa difference for yourself, schedule a consultation online—we can’t wait to help you discover the stubble power of microneedling.