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Feed your face! Eating your way to complexion perfection.

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Most of us have at best, a vague idea that eating for a healthy body means increasing our water intake and maxing out on greens at the salad bar. In fact, even most Dermatologists are a little skeptical when it comes to the association between diet and good skin, and rightly so…

There isn’t much in the way of hard scientific evidence on the subject. We all know someone who swears a single bite of choclate causes ‘volcanic’ acne erruptions, yet it seems more and more savvy clients are realising results from their own food-to-skin based ‘research’, changing their diets and sharing their success in transforming their skin through the power of…veggies! Science is now backing up this wave of sustenance supporters with studies indicating a connection between nutrient intake and skin health.

“So tell me, what should I be eating?”

Any boost in fruits and vegetable intake is a good thing, however, there are certain foods that really dish up improvement with acne, dull, dry skin and premature aging. With that in mind check out these three skin type classifications and start feeding your face!

Dull, Dry Skin
Hydrating with adequate water will only get you so far! You can bolster your arsenal by adding the following:

Flaxseeds, chia seeds, hemp seeds, cauliflower, hummus and purslane. (considered a weed in the USA but actually a fabulous, edible leafy green elsewhere in the world) all contain great sources of Omega 3 Fatty Acids, excellent for lubricating skin to keep it dewy looking
Chicken, Canned Tuna, wheat flour, pork chops, beef, cornmeal, peanuts, mushrooms, avocado, green peas are high in Niacin, excellent for reducing redness and irritation as well as supporting the skin natural barrier function which in turn keeps the cells hydrated.
Eggs, avocado, salmon, mushrooms, chard, romaine, rasberries and strawberries are loaded with Biotin, shown to not only improve nail and hair growth but also cell turnover, keeping skin smooth.

Acne and Oily Skin
Banish the blemishes with these nom-noms;

Sweet potatoes, spinach, kale, broccoli, carrots, peppers, cantaloupe, red chille peppers and asparagus contain Vitamin A, an antioxidant that helps thin out the dead cells on the surface of the skin, leading to a decrease in blocked pores and lower levels of facial oil.
Raw Oysters, canned blue crab, turkey, beef, port, ricotta cheese, tofu, lentils, almonds, peas, cashews and oatmeal are great for reducing the skins oil production too and less oil means less pimples without the drying application of alcohol or harsh anti-blemish topicals. Zinc is our superfood in this bunch. And just like dry-skin, oily and acneic skins can benefit from an increase in Omega-3s to be found in flaxseed, chia seeds and cauliflower.

Breakout foods – is this really true?? Well the research is spotty but try it elminating these foods and see what happens: Dairy, White bread, sugar, sweets and milk chocolate – pure cacoa nibs and high level dark chocolate contain little to no sugar..yay! Plus, and this is probably the most exciting news lovers of chocolate will ever hear, pure cocoa powder contains a substance that can actually increase circulation to the skin. Skin that is recieving more blood flow also recieves more nutrients leading to an increase in hydration, less scaling and roughness and even a little less redness after sun exposure. So don’t turn chocolate down completely, just be very selective about the type if chocolate you are consuming.

Early Signs Of Aging
At Glo Med we are all about the wisdom, respect and experience that comes with aging, Looking older, no thanks – chow down on these beauties to increase yours!;

Sweet potatoes, kale, spinach, broccoli, carrots, red and yellow peppers, cantaloupe, red chille peppers, asparagus, butternut squash, pumpkin, (I’m getting hungry – Editor) – wonderful sources of Vitamin A, and just like dry-dull skin, early signs of aging can improve with the increase of collagen production that keeps our skin looking plump and firm. Add to that the protective values this powerhouse antioxidant has and you’ll also reap the benefits of free radical damage repair which overtime slows down premature aging.
Red Bell Peppers, broccoli, strawberries, papaya, pineapple, kiwifruit, cantaloupe, cauliflower, guava, tangerine, grapefruit, green bell peppers – Lots of Vitamin C here, helping to mop up free radicals before they even begin to cause damage. Couple this with a good sunscreen and you have an excellent protection duo. Vitamin C also helps support Collagen and Elastin production: the team that gives you firm and resiliant skin – who doesn’t want more of that?
Nuts and seeds, sunflower oil, safflower oil, tomatoes, spinach, mustard and turnip greens, pine nuts, peanut butter and wheat germ. Thanks to oodles of Vitamin E, these foods work together to help bring back the oil we lose with age-related dryness.

Sugar – you’ve heard it before but here we go again, avoid it for beautiful skin. Dimply skin can be caused by sugar intake, as can premature wrinkles. Skip dessert to stay young? Most likely…

Now go feed your face!

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