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7 Ways To Look Your Best, Fast

So you have an event coming up or a vacation to go on that you probably should have started prepping a while back. But life got in the way and now it’s go time. Beauty 911!

What can you do over the next few weeks, even days, to make the biggest difference in your skin and show up at your event as the Belle of the Ball?

Check out the following minimally invasive options that require little or no downtime:

1. Botox

Benefits: Smooth, wrinkle-free skin and/or higher arched eyebrows (if requested).
When to start: Ideally begin six months prior, and repeat as recommended. Otherwise, 3 weeks before will give you a boost just in the nick of time!

2. BT – HydroFacial

Benefits: Detoxified and rejuvenated skin, resulting in a smoother appearance.
When to start: Can be done up to the day before the event.

3. Latisse Eyelash Treatment

Benefits: Doubled eyelash fullness. Darker, thicker lashes.
When to start: Four months before the event.

4. Xtreme Eyelash Extensions

Benefits: Incredible lashes within 2-3 hours!
When to start: Can be done the day before or even the morning of the big event.

5. Fillers

Benefits: Bring back the fullness to cheeks, hollow eye troughs, around the mouth, lips, even the temples can be given a little ‘plump’ youthfulness
When to start: To be done 4-6 weeks before the event.

6. Regular Facial Treatments

Benefits: Clearer, smoother, more even skin.
When to start: Ideally 6 months before event but even the day before can plump and smooth enough to give you a Red Carpet look!.

7. Detox/Ultimate Reset 21 Day plan

Benefits: Detoxes rid the body of toxins, clears skin, improves energy and can also aid weight loss, to help you achieve a slimmer look for the big day.
When to start: At least 21 days before your big day.

Now….go, Cinderella!