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Not another Sun Screen article…..

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Sunnier skies are already brightening our days more often than not and with that commences the hoards of ads and articles discussing sunscreen and sun block….This is not one of them! There’s
much more to good ‘sun care’ than SPF alone.


Here in Wilmington, NC, it’s rather difficult to avoid the sun from May – September. Bright, hot and sunny, our beaches are beautiful and busy, boaters line our waters and tanned bodies glide about town. Don’t be fooled! You don’t need to live on the coast to be susceptible to the dark side of sun exposure.

So what else can I do?
Other than staying covered up or indoors, sunscreen is currently our best defense against sun damage when outdoors, that is now common knowledge, as every magazine and beauty website will testify. However, sunscreens only block up to 55% of the damaging free radicals that cause chemical reactions in the skin, leaving you exposed to the other 45%….

If you are allergic to sunscreens and sunblocks, maybe you are already showing sun damage or perhaps you throroughly enjoy spending time outdoors and want to know how you can do more to protect yourself, a comprehensive program can help prevent enviromental damage as well as the onsest of more serious conditions. When used together, antioxidants and sunscreens provide optimal photoprotection, preventing premature signs of aging, reducing fine lines and promoting overall skin health.

Ensure you have a topical and internal application of Vitamins daily
Serums are a very effective way of topical delivery of antioxidants and vitamins. Considerably more concentrated than a lotion or cream, serums contain the most potent, bioavailable forms of these nutrients to give you much more bang for your buck as well as faster, more visible results.

Look for the following:

  • Vitamin C clarifies, brightens, and lightens hyperpigmentation, the dark spots from previous damage.
  • Vitamin E protects skin from damaging free radicals.
  • Ferulic Acid neutralizes free radical activity

 Spa treatments that are customized to repair and hydrate can offer a protective boost before the summer and a welcome reprieve after the weather has taken its toll.

Certain combinations of antioxidants actually help to shield the DNA within the cell from certain types of enviromental molecular damage. This works both on an internal and external level, topical application of C, E and Ferulic acids penetrate deep into the dermis, while consuming fruits and vegetables work within the system, giving some protection throughout the entire body as well as supporting collagen and elastin, keeping skin firmer and younger looking. Yet another reason to eat your greens!

The highly trained staff of Glo Med Spa can assist you in determining the best protocol for your individual needs. Whether you are eager to repair damaged skin or keen to prevent future compromise, come in and meet with us, we are more than happy to help.