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Starting out naturally – Curbing make-up use in teen girls.

Most teenage girls love experimenting with hair and make-up. Let’s face it, most women watched their mothers applying make-up or taking care of their skin, so its a natural progression that a vast majority of girls will eventually wish to follow. It’s nothing new for teens to feel pressured to look a certain way, however with the mass use of Facebook and daily uploading of selfies, this beauty right of passage has morphed into an even greater anxiety to conform for today’s young women. The question for young girls is ‘how much is too much?’

Taking a more natural makeup approach definitely doesn’t mean young girls have to look boring. Many parents are not against teens wearing make-up when applied the right way. Makeup can subtly yet stunningly enhance the beautiful qualities all girls already have; in other words girls, you’ll still look like you, only better! Follow the tips below to get a fabulous look that makes both parents and kids happy.

When starting a makeup routine, the first thing is ensure a good skincare routine is in place. Good makeup starts with great skin!

After cleansing, start the make-up routine by applying a tinted moisturizer preferably with an SPF (for the most part, teens do not need foundation). Then use a touch-up or foundation stick on any spots that need a little extra coverage, like on a pimple or around the nose where redness often occurs.
After you’ve evened out your skin, it’s time to give it a bit of colour—but fake it, don’t bake it. Use a little bronzer to get a great sun kissed glow. Apply bronzer to the areas of the face where the sun naturally hits (forehead, nose, high on the cheeks, and a bit on the neck). Then apply a pretty pink blush onto the apples of your cheeks. The colour blush you choose should be on the natural side; either one that matches the colour of your cheeks after you exercise, or one that closely resembles the colour of the inside of your bottom lip. Go lightly! Anything too heavy and you’ll start bringing more drama into High School that it already has!
Nothing too bright, too dark or too shimmery for school. Save that for nights out. Choosing a light, natural-looking eye shadow will define the lower part of your eyelids but not make you look overdone. Next, apply one to two coats of black mascara to the upper lashes only to make the eyes pop.
A little sheer gloss that’s the same shade or one shade darker or lighter than your natural lip colour with polish off your look. Teenagers naturally have fuller, more pigmented lips. Lipstick is not required.
Far more important than make-up is knowing that in order to look good, teens need to feel good, which means learning to appreciate and love themselves, embrace their differences, and foster self respect by taking care of the body inside and out, eating well, drinking lots of water, and exercising. Beauty is an inside job!