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In our quest for the ‘Fountain of Youth’, we’ve discovered that the causes of aging go skin deep….The skin is the largest organ of our body and as a result, the health of our skin is greatly impacted by everything we put both on and in our system. The beauty industry has an extraordinary range of treatments and products to help counteract the damage done by those external, more controllable factors, but what about the somewhat less controllable internal aggressors?

Internal Agers
Thanks Mom! – Yes, our unique genetic programming adds to the challenge of cell regeneration by dictating when our cells begin to degrade. Though cells have the ability to repair themselves, aging slows this process and can be dramatically accelerated by oxidative stressors such as sun, pollution, chronic stress, smoking and enviromental free radicals that break down collagen. Collagen is responsible for limiting the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and saggly, slack and crepe like skin. The production of this youth preserving protein decreases with age and as yet we cannot stop or reverse this process, however we can help slow this process by fostering a healthy lifestyle.

External Agers
Addressing external agers may prolong our genetic decline!  Check out the following factors to define the areas of your life you could adjust for overall improved health and beautiful skin!

Quit the Cigs! – Cigarette smoke emits 40,000 free radicals in just one puff, depleteing the body of vitamin C and burning your immediate oxygen, leading to dull, lacklustre skin and those ‘pucker’ lines that can really age you.

Move it and eat your greens! – Overdoing exercise can actualy deplete your body of antioxidants so moderate, daily movement is best. Physical activity regulates circulation and brings healthful oxygen to the skin cells, helping to skin glowing, youthful and resiliant. Along with regular exercise, diet plays a huge part in total body health as well as that of the skin. Meals loaded with rich antioxidants such as Vitamin C, Vitamin E, bioflavonoids such as citrus as berries and polyphenols from berries and green tea , can assist in firming, tightening, refining lines and maintaining elasticity, not to mention keeping internal toxins to a minimum.

You know this already…LIMIT SUN EXPOSURE! – We cannot express this enough. A whopping 90% of photoaging – wrinkles, dark spots, slack skin etc, come from UV exposure. Spend too much time in the sun and your collagen will begin to malfunction and decompose, creating wrinkles aling the way. This process repeats every time skin is exposed to the sun.

Take a nap and chill out! – What do increasing stress levels do to your skin? Lets start with reduced immunity, hormonal fluctuations, cell damage, dulling of the skin, slack pores, worry lines and more. We can counteract some of this damage by giving the body adequate quality sleep, supporting cell regeneration and thus a more youthful appearance.  Turn off the TV, pop in some Enya and relax already!

So couple these tips with great topicals and customized skin care treatments and you are giving your skin the best support available for youthful maintenance!