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What’s your Neo-Style?

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We are pleased to be offering NeoCutis Swiss Technology Products. Available exclusively through physicians, NeoCutis has an incredible, simple line that’s sure to please The Beauty Diva in all of us.
The foundation of the Neocutis line is their use of a proprietary and exclusive ingredient: PSP or Processed Skin Cell Proteins, recognized worlwide for their restorative powers in skin rejuevenation, post proceedure skincare, care of red and irritated skin and for drastically reducing the visible signs of skin aging.The Processed Skin Cell Proteins in Neocutis are derived from years of research in wound healing and skin renewal. Through years of research, physicians discovered that at certain times in human development our skin has a unique ability to heal wounds without scarring. Inspired by this, medical researchers at the University Hospital of Lausanne, Switzerland created a biotechnology process to extract the rich proteins responsible for scarless wound healing from laboratory cultured skin cells. Using a single biopsy of skin, a entire dedicated cell bank was established for developing wound healing and burn treatments. Today this same cell bank also provides a lasting supply of cells for producing NEOCUTIS with this incredible skin care ingredient :Processed Skin CellProteins(PSP®).Why you need it!
PSP® provides the most complete and balanced combination of human growth factors and cytokines currently available  – improving texture, tone, restoring luminosity, reducing wrinkles and redness, and supercharged with collagen fueling building blocks to give a renewed sense of skin tautness in as little as 7-14 days.See why we love it?