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You are not always protected indoors or in your car…

You drive all day, you are in an office all day…you sit by a window all day. The suns rays penetrate glass, you are not always protected when you are indoors, especially if you sit near a sunny window. Take this gentleman above for example. A 69 year-old man with 25 years of work as a truck driver. .This gentleman does not yet seem to have skin cancer. Instead, the skin on that side of his face had thickened (a sign that his skin cells aren’t growing and sloughing off in a normal way). The elastic tissue on that side of the face had also started to degenerate, leaving deep wrinkles, as well as wide pores that became multiple blackheads. Also, small cysts had formed around the follicles of fine hairs on his face.

For more information read the very short Case Study from The New England Journal of Medicine.