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Botox - $12.00, Dysport $3.75 and $50 off any filler!

We are a #1 Injector in Allergan’s Top 500!
We are “Master” injectors and “Master” Coolsculpting Technicians!
We are # 1 in Aspire Rewards Redemptions on the East Coast!

You’ll Love Glo Medspa!

Our facility offers everything you need for anti-aging and taking care of your skin and body,  And this is all we do!  Whether you are seeking a consultation for erasing fine lines with Botox® . Wrinkles with Dysport®,  or Dermal Fillers, or working with an aesthetician for skin care regimens, anti-aging treatments, or acne solutions, the team at Glo MedSpa can help. For any given aesthetic concern, there are many different paths that we can take. Treatment options are usually less invasive and less expensive than surgery. Our skin care options include professional facials such as the acne facial, hydrafacial™, rejuvenating facial and many levels of professional medical chemical peels.  Additional options such as Botox® injections for facial wrinkles and lines; dermal fillers such as Juvederm® and Restylane® for lip enhancement and softening of deep folds and creases, and laser treatments of facial veins and rosacea are also available.  Newest technologies such as  SCULPTRA, Ultherapy® and GENIUS® are the newest dimension in non-invasive face lifts as well as PDO threads which help to build collagen and tighten, lift the skin.  Speak with our medical staff regarding our non-invasive laser treatments which are known for improvement of fine lines and wrinkles as well as acne scars and texture problems.   And, if a little extra fat around the middle, on the thighs or under the chin is bothering you, schedule a consultation for CoolSculpting®.

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