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Kristin Converse, RN - our Glo Medspa Master Certified Provider

CoolSculpting® Isn’t the Only Elite Thing At Glo Medspa!

Meet Kristin Converse and Nicole Malfitano

Kristin and Nicole are our two Coolsculpting providers. Kristin is our Master Certified CoolSculpting®️️️️️️️ technician and the ONLY one in Wilmington! Their drive to exceed expectations has made them extremely successful in body contouring and has led to them being recognized by CoolSculpting®️️️️️️️. They are among a small group of CoolSculpting®️️️️️️️ technicians to be invited to complete the prestigious CoolSculpting®️️️️️️️ University Master Program. That means Kristin has completed the top-level training for this procedure, so you know you are in excellent hands

Now That You Know Who’s Taking Care of You, What Exactly is CoolSculpting® Elite and Is It for You?

CoolSculpting® Elite is the number one non-surgical fat reduction treatment in the US. There have been more than 8 million treatments performed worldwide over the past 10 years. CoolSculpting® was originally developed by Harvard scientists and has proven safe and effective.  This non-invasive, FDA-cleared treatment freezes and eliminates stubborn fat cells by up to 20-25 percent in the treatment area. Controlled cooling technology is used to safely and effectively freeze and kill fat cells without harming surrounding cells or tissue. Following treatment, the frozen fat cells are naturally processed and eliminated over time by the body’s own natural processes. The results are long-term and natural-looking as the fat cells are permanently eliminated from the body.  

CoolSculpting Elite is the most advanced CoolSculpting technology on the market.  A range of applicators on this new device were designed in a C-shape cup to complement the body’s natural curves for an improved fit and comfort during treatments. Additionally, this new design takes your fat-freezing treatment to the next level with better tissue contact and coverage. In fact, there is up to an 18 percent larger cooling area for a more effective treatment. Dual applicators allows treating more areas of stubborn fat in less time than traditional CoolSculpting – more results, less time! 

*Disclaimer: Individual results may vary; no guarantee of results

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Frequently Asked Questions

The new C cup design of CoolSculpting Elite applicators simply allows for more tissue contact, more suction, more even cooling result and faster treatment times as two areas can be treated at the same time with one machine. For practices that have two machines, you can treat 4 treatment areas in a 35 minute session. For example, you can treat arms and abdomen or treat arms and flanks Or treat underchin and any other body area at once.

The cost of the CoolSculpting Elite treatment can only be determined at the time of your consultation as the final cost depends on the type of applicator to be used, the number of applicators as well as the number of sessions needed.

The duration of total treatment depends on the areas to be treated, the number and the type of applicators to be used.  If two applicators are used for under chin area, then each session is 45 minutes long for a total treatment time of 2 hours. If two applicators are used on the abdomen, then the total time is 35 minutes or 45 minutes, this depends on the size of the applicator.

No supplements or pills are required and you do not have to adopt a new diet and exercise habits. Many patients feel more motivated to take care of themselves after their CoolSculpting Elite treatment. It is as if they get a second lease on their body and want to start anew again by taking even better care of themselves.

Many people, after seeing the results from their CoolSculpting Elite procedure, take even better care of themselves. However, if you do gain weight, you may gain it evenly all over your body, not just in the treated areas.

As the cooling begins during the first few minutes, you will feel pressure and intense cold. This soon dissipates. Many people read, watch videos, work on their laptop, or even take a nap during their treatment.

The CoolSculpting Elite procedure is FDA-cleared for the flank (love handles), abdomen, and thigh. With over one million CoolSculpting treatments performed worldwide, it is proven to be a safe and effective treatment for non-surgical fat reduction.*

During the procedure you may experience deep pulling, tugging, pinching, numbness or discomfort. Following the procedure, typical side effects include temporary numbness, redness, swelling, bruising, firmness, tingling, stinging and pain. Rare side effects may also occur. The CoolSculpting Elite procedure is not for everyone. You should not have the CoolSculpting Elite procedure if you suffer from cryoglobulinemia or paroxysmal cold hemoglobinuria. The CoolSculpting Elite procedure is not a treatment for obesity. As with any medical procedure, ask us if the CoolSculpting Elite procedure is right for you.

Yes, you can. The CoolSculpting Elite procedure is completely non-surgical, so typically you can return to normal activities right away.* Often times, patients return to work after their CoolSculpting Elite session is over.