With stress, pollution, and inevitable aging, skin takes a beating over the years. Moisturizers, sunblock, and skincare can help in some cases, but other conditions call for alternative measures like intense pulse light (IPL) treatment.

What Is IPL?

Also known as a photo-facial, IPL is a non-surgical way to enhance the tone and texture of your skin. Using light energy on selected areas of the skin, IPL targets the pigments in the skin and addresses damaged skin, dark spots, and acne scars. While it can target a number of skin concerns, it doesn’t harm the surrounding skin.

Reducing Acne

Dead skin cells combine with oil and cause the skin to break out. IPL treatment can neutralize the acne-causing bacteria and stop the breakout where it starts.

Lightening Birthmarks

There are two different types of birthmarks: vascular and pigmented. Vascular birthmarks happen when blood vessels don’t form properly while pigmented birthmarks occur due to an overgrowth of cells. In both cases, IPL breaks up the pigment in the birthmark, which is then completely removed by the body. 

Removing Stretch Marks

IPL has the benefit of stimulating collagen production. In doing so, it can decrease how prominent stretch marks are, smoothing out the area.

Age Spots

Age spots are the consequence of too much exposure to ultraviolet rays from the sun or the use of artificial sources like tanning beds over the years. IPL light heats the affected pigmentation tissue and can fully erase these spots.

Fading the Freckles

While freckles are harmless, they can be bothersome for many people, but with the help of IPL treatment, you can diminish your freckles and enjoy completely clear skin.

Treating Rosacea

By emitting particular wavelengths, IPL relieves the redness and inflammation often brought on by rosacea. The intense light also constricts the blood vessels, which often lead to rosacea, and diminishes the redness of the skin.

No More Spider Veins

Telangiectasias, commonly called spider veins, are engorged or broken blood vessels situated close to the skin surface or the surface of mucous membranes. Again, the heating power of IPL works to erode the walls of these blood vessels, causing their eventual collapse and disappearance.

Destroying Unwanted Hairs

IPL is also a perfect treatment for hair removal. The treatment targets the pigment in the hairs and damages the hair follicles, stopping hair growth in its tracks.

Fades Scars

Scars from surgery or acne don’t have to be permanent. IPL will damage the cells that make up the scar, causing it to be less prominent.

Making Wrinkles Less Pronounced

Because IPL promotes collagen production and an increase in collagen can reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, it can help you achieve a younger-looking appearance as well.

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